Bridging between two mainflux instances can be done with export service is build to bridge between two Mainflux instances. For example we can run Mainflux on the gateway and we want to export the data to cloud instance of Mainflux as well. Export service is listening to the NATS and forwards payload to the specified MQTT channel.

Run Export service#

Easiest way to run export service is

    git clone
    cd build

service will pickup config file

  log_level = "debug"
  nats = "nats://localhost:4222"
  port = "8170"

  ca_path = "ca.crt"
  cert_path = "thing.crt"
  username= "53a795db-e46c-4d75-8ddc-6d2975337a4f"
  password = "e2032af3-7323-47d6-8e8d-abe9eb0a0a8f"
  channel = "channels/ace5c9ef-54cf-4d8e-8b4c-2f1908ff2cda/messages"
  host = "tcp://"
  mtls = false
  priv_key_path = "thing.key"
  qos = 0
  retain = false
  skip_tls_ver = false

to configure the config.toml so that it can connect to your Mainflux cloud instance you need to provide

  • username - Mainflux thing id
  • password - Mainflux thing key
  • channel - should be in format channels//messages where channel_id is Mainflux channel assigned to thing
  • host - MQTT host tcp:// for plain or tcps:// for mtls

you can start export service in docker as well docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml up

this requires that you have previously brought up Mainflux instance with docker-compose as it depends on docker network created from docker/docker-compose.yml

If you are running MTLS on your Mainflux cloud instance you will need to setup export service for MTLS communication. You need to set mtls=true and you will need to provide thing.crt and thing.key as well as ca.crt that you produced for provisioned thing MTLS Authentication